Piraeus Association for Maritime Arbitration new board of Directors

The Piraeus Association for Maritime Arbitration (PAMA) aims at developing the institution of Maritime Arbitration and Mediation in Greece and particularly in Piraeus.

Maritime disputes can be resolved in Greece following internationally accepted practices (UNCITRAL) and on highly favorable terms and conditions. PAMA is capable of producing high-quality results at a lower cost and faster compared to similar processes in other shipping centres.
PAMA is closely working with the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association, ELINT, HMTCA , Naval Technical Consultants and Experts and the Maritime Lawyers Association, in order to enhance awareness and organize workshops, both internationally and locally, to familiarize with the advantages of arbitrating in Greece.
These synergies, among other things, contribute to the national plan for the creation of added value in the area of shipping services. Resulting from the continuous growth of passenger ships’ calls and transport of goods, the development of Piraeus in one of the most important ports in Europe creates multiple needs and opportunities in all related areas.

The new Governing Body of the Piraeus Association for Maritime Arbitration, elected on the Annual General Board Meeting, consists of :

President : Georgakopoulos Charalampos
Vice President : Rakintzis Leandros
Secretary General : Pournara – Vardavilia Jenny
Treasurer : Pentheroudakis Nick
Member : Tsavdaridis Antonios
Substitute Members : Sariyannidis Chryson, Matthaiou Antony, Economou George, Pothitou Mary, Liouta Victoria.